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How Nullen Works

Our adaptive pricing model corresponds directly with the amount of time, resources, & pacing your company needs throughout each project or agreement.

Six Steps to Working with Us

1. Get a Free Assessment

We offer all local nonprofits & small businesses a free digital marketing & brand assessment. This involves online research on our end, but also includes one or two meetings with us so that we can learn about your organization, your team, how you do things, what’s working, what isn’t, and what you’re spending marketing dollars on.

From there we can provide you with a proposal outlining our recommendations on how you can move forward. 

We’re happy to spend time getting to know you and your business at absolutely zero cost to you.


A few examples of issues we can help out with:

We need a rebranding package that includes new logo, business cards, docs, etc.

Nullen can work with you and/or develop an in-house rebranding team with key team members to go through an iterative process were we’ll cultivate the true essence of your organization and develop a logo, an icon, slogans, and any additional creative branding materials that you all can be proud of and continue to evolve in-house for years to come.


We'd like to take control of our website cause we're tired of not being able to update it for free.

Whether your website is being ran by an agency or you don’t have one, we’ll help you migrate to a platform & solution that you can afford and control. We’ll also redesign the entire thing for you so that it looks as stupendous as this website or one of our client’s pages.

www.montessorilive.org is a good example.

We like the design of our website, but we wish it had more features that helped our business.

You don’t have to be a big corporation anymore to have a fancy website that does work for your business or organization. Get in touch with us about some of the things you wish it could do and we’ll let you know how we can accomplish that together under your present budget constraints. 

We're hiring too many expensive 3rd party companies and want to hire you to look at our Marketing / IT department spending to see where you can cut costs to open up money for new projects.

We saved one of our clients over $55,000 a year in unnecessary spending and repurposed some of those funds for a new website, a new logo, and a blossoming social media precense, a comprehensive target marketing Google Ads campaign, and fresh new original content.

Did you know that people spend money on advertising with the yellow pages? Who would have thought?

We want to start participating in social media regularly, but we don't know where to begin, how to maintain it, and how to participate safely so it doesn't come back to bite us.

If you have staff members that are passionate about creating original in-house content we can work with them to develop a social media team, or you can hire Nullen to be your social media team.

If it’s the former, we can train them, edit & guide their content, and then work with them on developing an annual publishing schedule that’s a mix of filtered content we pull from the Internet and original content based on current events within the organization.

Our marketing / development director is inexperienced with digital marketing technologies and could use regular consulting advice & help.

On one hand there’s some solutions that just can’t be Googled, on the other who has time to Google, research, and learn exactly what you need to know? Save time and hire us to regularly consult with your marketing team or Director and we’ll work on developing new capabilities and develop a new marketing plan based on your budget constraints and best practices.

We have a new charasmatic technology teacher that needs help creating a state of the art technology curriculum.

We have 5 years of experience working as technology teachers for Montessori schools and the Boys & Girls Club. We’d love to share our ideas with a passionate teacher that’s wanting to put them into motion.

Can you help us create content for our website & social media?

Let’s start brainstorming today. =) 

E-Mail: k@nullen.io 

Call or Text – Kyle Null directly: (574) 327-1083

2. Run through the ideal budget & timeline you have in mind.

We try to avoid set prices for projects because every client’s situation is completely different. So we ask for transparency while we provide you with candid pricing sincerity.

We’re willing to make financial exceptions where it makes sense to do so because we’re more interested in creating a long term relationship with our select group of clients rather than causing marketing budgets to tap out on day 1.

We make sure there’s zero risk on your end.


Price Exceptions We Make

  • Clients can pay us monthly if they’re unable to afford upfront project costs.
  • We’re willing to reduce the total cost of a project if you package multiple offerings together into an annual agreement.
    • Example: Complete Rebranding Package + Website Redesign + Social Media Management developed over the next 1.5 years, paid monthly.
  • The more involved you or your employees are in the execution of the project will reduce the cost.
  • How relaxed your deadlines and meeting schedules are will reduce the cost of a project.

If you talk to us and tell us your story. We’re almost always willing to work something out that fits your exact needs.

3. Collaborate to assess where you’re currently at and let you know what’s possible.

In order to help you to the best of our ability, we have to learn your company, what your strengths and weaknesses are, what goals you have in mind for the short and long term, and your expectations of what success means. All of this will be continually factored into the solutions and education that we tailor specifically for you.

4. We’ll share with you what you don’t know along the way so that you can understand the value of what we’re asking you to invest in. 

Everything we work on together is an investment in the short & long term success of both of our companies. Our fulfillment as consultants comes from you seeing the value in the services we’re providing you. This is what makes a long term business to business relationship possible.

5. We’ll take a design thinking problem solving approach to all priority areas.

Every interaction your company has with employees, online & offline communities, your customer base, and even your non-customers are opportunities for advocacy. We call these interactions touch points.

Touch points can range from the first words & tone a customer hears when they call into your office, the quality of photograph you allow to be published under your Facebook Fan page, what color the buttons are on your website, the sound your keyboard makes outside your office, whether your business is pet friendly or not, all the way to the digital tools employees have access to on a daily basis. These are all experiences that can be designed and improved to help make advocates out of everyone.

As of 2019, advocacy has become paramount to success & business growth in all industries. Your business can benefit in many ways by moving from a customer-centric approach to an advocacy based one where everyone (even employees & non-customers) are viewed as customers because the goal is to transform them into advocates that sings praise about your company on and offline.

When everyone is happy and fulfilled — excellence is spread, and when excellence is spread it naturally leads to successful outcomes and growth.

6. We’ll teach you everything we know so that we’re moving forward together.

If it’s of interest, we can train you & your staff how to cover the areas you want to gain control of, while Nullen can fill in the blanks through the wide array and ever growing list of capabilities & services we offer.

We take this approach with everything because client’s willing to develop their own people while pairing up with our services will reduce annual spending and insure growth. For us, that’s the goal. To help the small businesses, nonprofits, and schools of the world reduce unnecessary spending so they can move the money towards projects, initiatives, and new skills that will excite their leadership, constituents, boards, employees, customers, and even the non-customers. 

We’ll help you figure out what to do and how to do it within your budget constraints.

And we’ll sincerely be there for you every step of the way.

It’s really that simple.


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