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Music is as ubiquitous as the Internet is in our lives. I believe it’s possible to use music as a tool to compliment every moment, emotion, and inspire greater work, focus, love, and conversation in your life. 



This playlist consists of every single song that holds a memory or moment inside of it over the course of my life. I become a time traveler of my own existence when i listen to it. 

I may or may not enjoy the songs anymore, but they’ve had such an incredible impact on my growth as a person – from following the evolution of my taste in music, to gaining cultural & self awareness through art, to influencing all of the music I’ve personally created over the years.

Anytime that I lose track of who I am – and what I’m trying to accomplish – I throw this on shuffle and go on a long walk to recenter myself.

The photograph comes from the first solo traveling trip I took on my own to San Francisco. I made a giant leap out of the comfort bubble the Midwest had been to try to find my way to become a Video Game Music Composer. The lessons learned were tremendous, and being a starving artist isn’t exactly as romanatic as you’d think. Yet, it was crucial to do for me to have the confidence to do the things I’m doing today.

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