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Why Design Thinking Matters: Even When You’re a Small Company

We live in a fast paced digital world with technology multiplying our evolutionary processing power by 2 every year (Moore’s Law). Because of this, every single business needs to act as if there’s an entrepreneur building something special at this very moment that could very likely make what your company does obsolete.


Holy Cross Village at Notre Dame Resident Interviews

HCV asked us to come in to their campus in South Bend, Indiana and start documenting the tremendous life stories of their residents. 

The resident’s at Holy Cross Village are all great achievers in the world of academics, religion, and business. 

In this series we learned as much about them as we did ourselves and the human condition of getting older. 

We look forward to expanding this series for years to come.



Interview Series: Why Did You Decide to Become a Montessori Teacher?

Montessori Live asked us to come visit their summer residency in Sarasota, Florida to get acclimated with their learning community, take photos, and to conduct interviews.

The interviews went so well that we’re planning on continually conducting interviews with Montessori educators from around the world — not just Montessori Live educators.

We feel that It takes a special kind of person to decide to become a teacher, especially a Montessori teacher and there’s not enough content out there showcasing how special these people really are.



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