Our Story

Nullen LLC was created by Kyle Null & Gulin Paksoy in 2017 to help small local companies and positive causes creatively solve their problems, innovate, and bolster their in-house capabilities. Our sincere objective is to help your business grow by remaining adaptive to your needs every step of the way. 

Pleasantly Surprising

Our objective is to pleasantly surprise you every step of the way. We will sincerely care and think about your company as much as you do. We offer that with every project we undertake, regardless of scope and cost.

Our pricing model corresponds directly with the time and resources we invest in each project or agreement. We don’t offer generic marketing packages or require large upfront commitments or contracts (unless, of course, you want one). We take pride in offering honest, practical growth consultancy and services tailored to what you need, for the exact price you can afford.

Why We’re Affordable

One thing that separates us from other agencies is that we provide you with everything you need to take control independently of us. This may seem counter-intuitive to our staying in business, but our objective is to increase your business’ sustainability and affordability as we grow together. We take enormous pride in saving our clients thousands upon thousands of dollars both in the long and short-term.

Why Only Small Local Companies?

We only work with companies when what we achieve together is meaningful, and we’ve found the most meaning working with small, local companies. Our objective is to create a business partnership where we transparently & thoughtfully help one another grow.


Contact Kyle Null to begin:

E-Mail – [email protected] | Call, Text, or WhatsApp – (574) 327-1083