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Nullen Founders

Our Story


Nullen LLC is the brainchild of Kyle and Gülin Null, two creatively minded entrepreneurs with a passion for helping small businesses, non-profits and educational programs to achieve their full potential.

With over twenty years of senior-level experience in technology, logistics and communications, we’re on a mission to provide practical, personalized, and strategically-driven solutions that will help you to grow as an organization, and ensure that you can sustain that growth.


What We Do


When you’re running a small business, nonprofit, or educational institute its hard to allocate time, resources, and budgets for innovation, culture changes, and new staff capabilities.

Many small organizations and businesses aren’t able to afford fancy websites, highly active social media accounts, or marketing gurus, and wish that they could properly manage complexities like these in-house so that they have more control over them.

That’s where we come in.

Nullen specializes in providing adaptive and affordable solutions to your business aims. Our pricing corresponds directly with the time and resources we invest in each project or goal – no generic marketing packages, no fixed fee bills; just honest, practical growth consultancy that’s tailored to your business needs.

Learn more about how our process works. 

How We Can Help

Our flexible, personalized consultancy services are specifically designed to help you scale; whether that entails optimizing your available resources, realizing your true profit potential, or growing your local business’ presence online.

In helping you to achieve these goals, we offer services such as:

· Personalized technology training programs

· Responsive web design for desktop / tablet / mobile

· Specialized growth and advocacy based marketing consultancy

· Company culture enhancements & workflows

· Touchpoint and experience design

· Planning & management strategies

· Innovative design processes

· Brand image development

· Graphic Design: Ads, Logo Creation, Etc.

· Original content creation

· Social media management & online public relations

…and much more.

As your business continues to expand and mature, we’ll be able to assist you on every step of the journey adding and subtracting services as you need them without making significant changes to your cost expectations.

Read more about our capabilities.


Why Small Companies?

Nullen only takes on a few hand selected partnerships at a time. We choose to do this with small local companies that we view are good causes worth providing our loyalty and adaptable services to. To us, a good cause is any local company that’s filled with awesome passionate people that wishes they were empowered to do more.

Presently, we’re looking to expand our client base.

We take this approach because we feel agencies are taking advantage of small companies by providing them with tons of expensive service packages that they don’t actually need, and charging them an arm and leg to customize those services. So we’re looking to spoil awesome local businesses that want to partner up with us, and see the value in what we’re trying to do.

Whether you’re a small business owner, a nonprofit organization, an educational institute, or somewhere in between, we’d love to start discussing how we can help you grow.

Get in touch with us today, it doesn’t cost anything to get started.




Founders of Nullen
Nullen Founder
Nullen Founder
Founders of Nullen
Nullen Founders

Blog Expectations

Nullen Watermark & Baby Hunny Pose

TLDR: Expect Radical Candor, Sincerity, Good Taste, and a Child-Like Sense of Wonder.


Our attention is considered to be one of the most coveted resources. A constant bidding war is happening through every medium.

The real reason behind this attention battle is the value of advocacy. The attention we give to a business, agenda, or good cause turns into advocacy, and our advocacy converts to sales.

If you’re a person or business of influence, your advocacy has the power to encourage hundreds — if not thousands — to purchase products and support causes… or you could use that influence to destroy and condemn.

Whichever way you slice it, that which captures our attention rules the market; everything without it gets left behind.

As a society, we’ve become dopamine addicts. We wreck our postures looking down at our phones an average of 46 times per day, seeking quick bursts of temporary bliss: from likes/shares/retweets, to click bait news headlines tailored to our own respective echo chambers. And with children’s video games using the addictive built-in mechanics of gambling, they’re breeding it in early.

At film school, they teach you that everything on-screen is intentional; every frame holds a specific purpose. I try to remind myself of this as it applies to much more than movies nowadays. The game of life has changed just as rapidly as the technologies we hold in our pockets.

As technological advancement continues to compoundly evolve, billions more people in countries around the world are going to start connecting to the Internet for the very first time. They’ll be seeking online education, web tools, and remote jobs. What should the laws of the digital landscape be when that happens? Will we continue to fight to maintain a completely free and quasi-anonymous Internet? And what will the future look like if it’s regulated and controlled by people that don’t understand it?

We seek filters that fit our style, morals, and values. And this website is meant to help people navigate through the digital meteor field while they’re accelerating to warp speed.

I tend to gravitate towards the positives in life, but it’s hard not to notice the millions of digital natives getting unconsciously swept away in the narcassistic noise, and not have a semblance of worry for those billions of Internet newcomers that will be Googling something for the very first time. These wonderful tools will continue to connect the human race in more ways than we can yet imagine, and it’s hard not to want to be a part of that.

I’m extremely excited and optimistic about what the future holds. We aim for Nullen to contribute worthwhile content that inspires positive, valuable growth. Our sole mission is to help passionate people and good causes grow. Everything we do, write, create, poke fun at, and share will sincerely encompass this value.

Nullen Founder as a child

Concluding Context

I’ve somehow managed to reach adulthood with my child-like-wonder fully in tack. Would you consider this a feat by today’s standards? I’d say so. Creativity is not prioritized in many cultures around the world. We want secure, reliable incomes. We want to raise doctors and engineers, not artists and writers.

I firmly believe that those of us who manage to retain this superpower owe it to the universe to share the goodness of ourselves in every capacity that we can, and on every topic we feel passionate about.

I’ve spent the last 20 years collecting everything while avoiding sharing almost everything publicly. Right now feels like the best time to start changing that. For me, it isn’t easy to share the world I live in publicly. I instinctively value my privacy. I guard it because I’m uncomfortable allowing things to be misinterpreted or exist in plain sight that I know I’ll want to change in a week. However, I’ve come to accept that sharing and connecting with the world is how you make waves, while revision and maintenance is the fuel for the evolutionary process.

In light of this, I’ve decided to make an all in effort to utilize this website not only as a tool and educational resource for clients and employees, but also as a personal exercise in sharing everything that I am and care about in hopes of inspiring anyone that visits to do a little bit more with their existence.

This isn’t just a “consulting website.” This is stage one of a long term vision and dream I have of building something bigger than myself.  I look up to guys like Elon Musk that are working hard to evolve the human race. Similarly, it’s my dream to progress the human race by evolving the way we approach business, education and mental health systems. If we want to build a more peaceful planet, we need to start reforming and innovating the way things have always been done.

Our blog (the Nullgregate) aims to be a useful pocket of online nourishment, providing unique insights into business, politics, media, music, books, film, and human behavior. We’ll also share our very own workflow approaches, as well as research on the amazing ways technology can enhance your personal development. Through all of this, I hope you’ll come to see what’s at the core of Nullen, and feel inspired to collaborate with us.

Feel free to reach out to us, no matter who you are, or what you’d like to talk to us about.

Kyle W. Null

Founder & CEO, Nullen

Our Mission

Sustainable growth at the core

Our sole mission is to help passionate people to grow their business sustainably. Everything we do, write, create, poke fun at, and share will encompass this core value.


Laughter at the heart

Our work is hugely rewarding because of the fun we inject into every project. We believe that achieving great results starts with the ability to engage, connect and laugh with our clients.


Authenticity at the helm

You won’t find any advertisements, pop-ups or product placements on our site; only genuine recommendations, enriching stories, and creative business solutions.

Ways to Contribute

Collaborate with us on content.

Make a monetary contribution.

Give us words of encouragement.

Share & Like our stuff.

If we’re being incorrect or unfair about any particular topic please feel free to contribute appropriate discourse in the comments of the post, or contact us directly.

We seek to be as educated and accurate as humanely possible, and will happily stand corrected. If you’d like to help fund the site, the projects we’re involved in, or if you’d like to support one of the many good causes that we’re affiliated with please visit our good.causes page for more details.

As we grow our website we hope to make the good causes page a more comprehensive showcase of our collaborations with clients, partners, and consulting team.

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We help small businesses, nonprofits, and educational insitutions scale into the future.
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