Our Story

Nullen LLC was created by Kyle Null in 2017 to help small local companies and good causes creatively solve problems, innovate, and to bring new capabilities in-house.
With over twenty years of experience in technology, education, marketing, and media creation, we’re on a mission to provide practical, personalized, and strategically-driven solutions.

We make sure you can sustain that growth by teaching you how to take control while matching your budgetary needs every step of the way.

Presently, our client base consists of Non-profit CCRC’s, Recruiting Agencies, Montessori Programs, Local Restaurants, Local Liquor Stores, Etsy Businesses, and Passionate Individuals like Authors, Life Coaches, Lawyers, and Doctors. We’re always open to new industries & new business types – as we always do our due diligence to learn everything there is to know about you, your industry, your market, your customers/constituents, & your business.


Pleasantly Surprising 

For small companies it can be extremely difficult to allocate time and resources for innovation, work culture changes, creative projects, and new staff capabilities. For example, many are unable to afford fancy websites that make their lives easier, highly active social media accounts, or have the know-how to break away from their status quo business strategies & systems. As a result, many small companies tend to over subscribe to 3rd party agencies that over charge for unnecessary services.

Our objective is to pleasantly surprise you every step of the way in all things you ask us to do. We will sincerely care and think about your company as much as you do. We offer that with every project – regardless of scope and cost.

What we’ve come to discover is many small companies want to manage IT, Website, Marketing, Advertising, Content Creation, and Social Media complexities in-house so they have more control. However, they can’t afford to hire full time employees.

One way we’ve counter acted this is by teaching you how to do the work you’re hiring us to do for you. We make this affordable & realistic by teaching you gradually how to manage the things you want while we deal with the rest. You gain more long term value out of growing in-house capabilities & competencies while we handle the things that are most stressing you.

Our pricing model corresponds directly with the time and resources we invest in each project or agreement – no generic marketing packages, no large upfront commitments or contracts (unless you want one); just honest, practical growth consultancy & services tailored to what you need, for the exact price you can afford.


Why We’re Affordable 

One thing that separates us from other agencies is that we provide you with everything you need to take control. So that at any point you want to cut us out of your lives, you can.

We also help many small businesses take back control and reduce their spending during this process. Incidentally, we save our clients thousands upon thousands of dollars every year they work with us. 

For example, when we make you a website. It’s yours. You give us permission to access the site. Not the other way around. You want to learn how to do something with the site? We’ll teach you. However, you have something you can’t manage on your own? We’ll take care of it.

Want us to make a large 20 page booklet you publish annually? We’ll design the perfect thing for you. Then help you save costs by teaching you Adobe inDesign to modify the original file so you don’t have to pay us to do it for you every year. Don’t want to learn Adobe inDesign, that’s fine too, we’ll keep the document as a template and reduce your costs for next year’s document by reusing it. We’ll also toss in discounts each year you have us do it.

We want to make things sustainable for you.

Every year Holy Cross Village has us make their Impact Report, and every year we’ve reduced their costs on this magnificent document that’s helped them increase their donations 300% year after year.

We’ll teach you how to reduce your reliance on us. This may seem anti-business from our point of view, but it’s how we operate and hope to build long term relationships with our clients. Because our goal is to help you grow by teaching you the next step that we’ve been managing for you.

Service Overview (But Not Limited To):

  • Responsive Web Design that looks great on all device types.
  • 24/7 IT Support
  • 24/7 Creative Support
  • 24/7 Consulting Guidance & Advice
  • 24/7 Project Training Help
  • 24/7 Coaching & Mentorship
  • Logo Creation
  • Full Branding Packages
  • Master Branding Guidelines to Implement Organization-Wide
  • Graphic Design Services
  • Custom Document Template Creation (Business Cards, Brochures, Booklets…)
  • Adobe Creative Suite Training Services (Photoshop, Illustrator, Premiere…)
  • Experience design for customers & employees
  • Brand Management and Strategy
  • Copywriting for Blogs, Advertisements, and Web Content
  • Original Content Creation for Social Media
  • Social Media Management
  • Business Management
  • Social Media Advertising Services
  • Google Advertising & Training
  • Budget Auditing for IT and Digital Marketing Spending
  • Video Editing Services
  • Video Creation Services
  • Video Creation Training – We teach you how to make the videos and we’ll edit it for you.
  • Organic Online Presence Growth
  • Social Engagement Services
  • Search Engine Optimization Services (SEO)
  • Copywriting Services
  • E-Book Writing Services
  • Blog Writing Services
  • Newsletter Services
  • Remote Consultations
  • Screen Share Trainings
  • Customer Journey Design

As your business grows with us, we’ll be able to assist you on every step of the way by adding and subtracting services as you need them without making significant changes to your cost expectations. Because we’re a small family & friends ran business, we’re sincerely looking to develop a long term strategy with you every step of the way.

Visit Our Portfolio to See Examples of Our Work


Why Only Small Local Companies?

Nullen only takes on hand selected partnerships throughout the year so we can focus on building meaningful relationships while doing meaningful work.

Our objective is to create a business partnership where we transparently & thoughtfully help one another grow.


Contact Kyle Null to begin:

E-Mail – k@nullen.io | Text – (574) 327-1083



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