Our Story


Nullen LLC was created by Kyle Null to help small local businesses, nonprofits, and Montessori programs realize & reach their full potential in creatively affordable ways. 

With over twenty years of experience in technology, education, marketing, and media creation, we’re on a mission to provide practical, personalized, and strategically-driven digital marketing & content solutions that’ll help your local company grow. 

We also can make sure you can sustain that growth by teaching you how to take control while matching your budgetary needs every step of the way.


What We Do


For small companies it can be extremely difficult to allocate time and resources for innovation, culture changes, and new staff capabilities. 

Many are unable to afford fancy websites that make their lives easier, highly active social media accounts, or have the know-how to break from their status quo business strategies & systems. 

What we’ve learned is many small companies want to be able to manage complexities like these in-house so they have more control. Our selling point is that you get more value out of growing the capabilities and approaches around a base of loyal people instead of a multitude of 3rd party agencies that are completely disconnected from what you actually are trying to do.

We begin by helping you realize and reach your full potential by providing you with a  free digital marketing and brand assessment. From there, we can help you make choices based on your budgeting restraints, devise a game plan, execute that gameplan, and sustain those changes as we teach you how to do what we do every step of the way.

Our pricing model corresponds directly with the time and resources we invest in each project or agreement – no generic marketing packages, no large upfront commitments or contracts; just honest, practical growth consultancy & services tailored to what you need and for the exact price you can afford.


How We Can Help


One thing that separates us from other marketing agencies is that we provide you with everything you need to take control. Whether that’s the original files to the Ad we made for you or the education & personalized training you need take over the job you originally hired us to do for you. 

We’ll teach you how to reduce your reliance on us. 

Together we can take a step forward, then we’ll teach you how to manage that step. Then we’ll take another step forward together, and another until we’ve reached our shared goal in growing your small local company. 

Service Overview (But Not Limited To): 

  • Responsive Web Design that looks great on all device types.
  • 24/7 Digital Marketing & IT Consultancy & Support
  • Logo Creation
  • Full Branding Packages
  • Master Branding Guidelines to Implement Organization-Wide
  • Graphic Design Services
  • Custom Document Template Creation (Business Cards, Brochures, Booklets…)
  • Adobe Creative Suite Training Services (Photoshop, Illustrator, Premiere…)
  • Experience design for customers & employees
  • Brand Management and Strategy
  • Copywriting for Blogs, Advertisements, and Web Content
  • Original Content Creation for Social Media
  • Social Media Management
  • Business Management
  • Social Media Advertising Services
  • Google Advertising & Training
  • Budget Auditing for IT and Digital Marketing Spending
  • Video Editing Services
  • Video Creation Services
  • Video Creation Training – We teach you how to make the videos and we’ll edit it for you.
  • Organic Online Presence Growth
  • Social Engagement Services
  • Search Engine Optimization Services (SEO)
  • Copywriting Services
  • E-Book Writing Services
  • Blog Writing Services
  • Newsletter Services


As your business grows with us, we’ll be able to assist you on every step of the way by adding and subtracting services as you need them without making significant changes to your cost expectations. Because we’re a family business, we’re sincerely looking to develop a long term strategy with you every step of the way. 


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Why Small Local Companies?


Nullen only takes on hand selected partnerships throughout the year. We choose to do this because our objective is to do fulfilling work in partnership with good local causes and in order to maximize the value & fulfillment we gain from that relationship we want to give our undivided attention to learning your small local company and the wonderful hard working people it’s comprised of.   

We’re believe many 3rd party agencies do what they can to take advantage of small local companies by providing them with tons of expensive service packages that they don’t actually need, and charging them annual budgets to customize those services. We overcome these challenges by creating authentic & sincere partnerships with each other where we both are helping one another grow. 


Contact Kyle Null to begin:

E-Mail – k@nullen.io | Text – (574) 327-1083






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