Design for Local Companies

Websites, customer experiences, brand identity, logos, collateral, content, and more.



Website Design

We can deliver a high quality WordPress or Shopify website quickly & affordably.


Featured offer

Cost: $1,500

Information website with up to 5 Pages, Blog, Blog Template, Contact Form, and unlimited access to Nullen’s development tools that allow you to update your website like as if it were a Word document or Email. 

This offer does not include training, google analytics, hosting, domain registration, or advanced features.

Contact: kyle@nullen to get started.


Small Scope

Cost Range: $1,000 – $3,500

We offer affordable web solutions for small local companies that simply want to ensure they have a modern online presence that shows up on relevant Google searches, a site that can adapt to all device types, a few pages about their business and services, and a comprehensive contact form.

Medium Scope

Cost Range: $3,501 – $8,500

When you need a little extra: more than the the standard handful of informational pages, a blog with new blog posts and blog templates for you & staff to use, e-commerce capabilities, new photos, or even a video created for it.

Large Scope

Cost Range: $8,501 – $25,000

For small local companies that are wanting to make sure the website has functionality that works in step with your business this is where you can dream of features and we’ll help you get them in sync with your websites: e-commerce capabilities, online payments, and extensive landing pages paired with marketing campaigns.

  • Responsive web design that looks great on desktop web browsers, tablets, and cell phones.
  • No monthly/annual costs for tool kit app updates.
  • Easy-to-use visual builder that enables anyone to maintain your website with minimal training.
  • WordPress website for ease of blogging and easily-evolving features.
  • On-going site improvements as our own offerings evolve.
  • Unlimited Access to Divi Visual Builder (No annual payment)
  • Cloudflare CDN
  • AWS Private Web Hosting for Nullen Clients ($400 for 3 years + Support) 
  • Divi Toolbox
  • Divi Booster
  • WP Forms Elite

We can work with you to determine the most value you can get out of your website based on your budgetary needs. We also work with new / struggling business by turning the total cost into zero-interest monthly payments.

  • Branding / Brand Identity – If you don’t have a logo that you can base the entire website’s theme around: colors, fonts, narrative, etc.  
  • Social Media Management – If you’d like your website and social platforms to be in sync. 
  • Private Hosting – We can provide you with private hosting for 3 years at a time and we’ll make sure that your website is always online. 
  • Consulting – If you want help developing business strategies & marketing content for your business. 
  • Creative Support – You provide the content and we’ll take care of designing it and publishing it. 
  • If you’re looking to quickly setup a Shopify site we can discuss the scope of that project and work out something affordable for you & your small business.
  • Already have a wordpress website and need support / maintenance services?
    • We can find an hourly rate that works for you or setup a predictable monthly retainer.


We’ve helped out new businesses, startups, and foundations develop their identities, names, slogans, logos, content, documents, presentations, social content, advertisements, and more. We’ve also led established companies through extensive, high-stakes rebranding efforts. 


Logo Creation

When it comes to branding, you really do get what you pay for. So many of our clients come to us after learning that the hard way. If you’re ready to create something that’ll stand the test of time and you can feel proud of, look no further.

Brand identity

Your brand needs to stand for something. There has to be a mission that you and your employees can completely get behind. When do figure that out, customers will support you every step of the way. We can help you not only develop that identity, but communicate it to your customers in everything you do.

collaborative process

All branding work we do is a collaborative and iterative. Together, we’ll build something that everyone involved can love, including us. 

Creative support

After developing your branding assets it becomes easy to build out custom documents, collateral, advertisements, and social content that fits the brand’s new identity. Ongoingly, you can utilize us for creative support where we can help you continually evolve your brand’s look & feel through the content we make.

  • Logo creation
  • Master branding guidelines
  • Colors & fonts
  • Merchandise design
  • Brand identity creation
  • Business naming
  • Narrative and copywriting
  • Slogans
  • Custom document design: collateral, business cards, letterheads, brochures, and more 

Check out some of our branding case studies here.

    Price range of branding & rebranding varies depending on deliverables, deadline, and risk level.

    Projects can range from $850 – $20,000. 

    Custom documents and content can range from $50 – $500 per project.


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