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Branding Potere Life Coaching

Branding Potere Life Coaching
Written by Kyle Null
Published: March 2, 2022
Category: Branding | Healthcare

Project Overview

Krista Powers came to me after meeting me at a Giving Voice Foundation fundraising event. She was looking to open up a life coaching practice in the tri-state region and was wanting help developing her brand and website.

First we developed her brand’s identity that formulated from created the Potere text from Krista’s handwriting. Below are the three rounds of concepts that we went through with her & her crew of people that provided insight.

When doing branding projects we like to encourage people to spend time with the concepts and compile a lot of feedback from feeds and family. The compilation and chewing on that feedback becomes tremendously valuable in the final outcome.


After polishing and finalizing her new look we went ahead and moved into creating:

  • Responsive WordPress Website that she has complete control over:
  • Business Cards
  • Social media profile icons + banners
  • Social content template
  • Newsletter template
  • Blog post template
  • Created her domained email through Microsoft 365 and taught her how to manage all of it. 
  • Setup a booking calendar through Hubspot that was linked to her 365 calendar. 

Then finally, we put her in touch with our go-to editor, Alec Quig, to help her complete her first book that’ll be published sometime this year.

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