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Every person, small local business, nonprofit, & school we help scales Nullen’s contributions to society. Our primary mission is to help our clientele reach and sustain their full potential.


 https://montessorilive.org #SenseOfWonder

This nonprofit teacher training program was founded in 2006 by Dr. Kym Elder. Montessori Live is the very first MACTE accredited Montessori training program to be offered almost completely online. Kym created the program after spending years as the head of a Montessori charter school and found incredible challenges in finding certified teachers to hire. So the program was originally created to support her local school community, and then it began to expand globally. They now have four residency locations throughout North America, and continue to grow every each year.

Nullen has completed a large number of IT, Marketing, and Development projects for Montessori Live since 2016. We fully redesigned their website, revitalized their online learning environment via MoodleRooms, provided them with a complete branding package that includes a new logo, physical marketing materials, fonts, and social icons. We also conducted & created interview testimonials for their YouTube channel by flying directly to their residency locations positioned around the United States. 

Nullen continues to provide Montessori Live with innovative marketing solutions, social media management, IT support, staff training, and webmaster services.

Holy Cross Village's Old Logo

Northern Indiana’s Premier Continuing Care Retirement Community

www.holycrossvillage.com | #RetireLikeAChampion | #LifeChampionSeries

Holy Cross Village at Notre Dame is a nonprofit that offers seniors exceptional residential living, unrivaled lifelong learning, and ensured security for the future. Holy Cross Village features superior services and amenities designed to keep the mind, body and spirit young, and is the perfect retirement living option for those seeking an active, independent lifestyle.

Nullen provides HCV with a large number of digital marketing services, training, and support. We’re presently developing a brand new website for them behind the scenes, we’ve fully rebranded their organization and are gradually rolling that out one step at a time. We continue to evolve their marketing efforts by providing their Marketing team with guidance, education, and innovative solutions to help them grow their in-house capabilities and move complex project work forward. 

HCV has maximized the value they get from Nullen by having them lead a bi-weekly Digital Integration Team meeting where we help them discuss innovative design thinking strategies, collaborate on complex digital marketing project work, and present help their leadership understand the value of innovation.

Giving Voice Foundation

They raise funds, awareness, and advocacy around issues of older adult health. This is done through local charity events, year round giving, & partner programs.  

Nullen has partnered with GVF that is a brand new foundation in Cincinnati, Ohio. Nullen is providing a large amount of digital marketing, consulting, IT, photography, graphic design, training, and support services.

We’re presently developing a brand new website for them behind the scenes, providing them with their very first logo that will be added here after launch in Feb. 2020, and have donated over $2,500 worth of photography services.

We look forward to helping their organization grow and increase our local impact on the Cincinnati community as we’re also presently based nearby in Loveland, Ohio. 

The most progressive Montessori school in the Midwest.

https://tma-el.org #TMAMustangs

MAEL is a private, nonprofit Montessori school that is a beacon of positivity and growth in Mishawaka, Indiana. They’re supported by a wonderful community and do incredibly inspiring work by going out of their way to support a Montessori classroom inside the Center for the Homeless where their Junior High students volunteer as a weekly part of their curriculum.

Montessori schools are traditionally anti-technology programs and Nullen was brought in to help them integrate technology throughout their work and learning cultures without stepping on anyone’s toes.

We created their computer lab from scratch, bought their computers, installed wi-fi throughout the campus, managed their website & social media properties, bought & installed their work server, brought in over $150,000 in technology donations, provided IT support & training to 50+ staff and faculty members, and taught children from 2nd to 8th grade how to creatively solve problems with technology.

This evolved into us spending over 5 years testing and developing a first of it’s kind Montessori Informatics & Design Thinking curriculum that connected each classroom together with interdisciplinary technology projects.

We also created a Music Production after school program for 10 – 14 year olds, a League of Legends club for teens that aimed to help them understand strategy, game development, and how to create a balance between video games and their lives. 

Additionally, during this time Nullen worked with the South Bend Boys & Girls club to bring the curriculum and classroom environment we had developed at MAEL into their after school programs as well. 


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