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Branding Potere Life Coaching

Project OverviewKrista Powers came to me after meeting me at a Giving Voice Foundation fundraising event. She was looking to open up a life coaching practice in the tri-state region and was wanting help developing her brand and website.  First we developed her brand's...

Rebranding Holy Cross Village at Notre Dame

Rebranding Holy Cross Village at Notre Dame

Behind the scenes we’ve been working with HCV to rebuild their branding efforts from the ground up. In an organization that has established itself through years of tradition — we found ourselves having to develop in-house strategies in order to be allowed to move forward with our new designs.

Developing Branding Guidelines can bring convenience to maintaining the integrity of your brand’s image.

Logo designs with multiple variations, color combinations, and social icons can give you a ton of creative freedom when developing content on and offline.

All custom docs come with the original Adobe files that we’ll be happy to teach you how to modify. 


branding services

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