How to Receive a Free Digital Marketing & Brand Assessment


Nullen is presently offering all small local businesses, nonprofits, personal brands, and Montessori programs a free digital marketing assessment. Our sole goal for doing this is to partner with small local good causes and make a positive impact on their growth. 


To Begin

You can receive your free assessment in one of two ways. 

If you prefer face to face meetings you are welcome to click the Schedule Appointment button below to pick a convenient day and time to setup a video conference. 

However, if you just want to complete the assessment on your own time you’re welcome to complete our comprehensive Assessment Form that will walk you through similar questions we’d ask you during the face to face meeting.

Getting to Know Each Other

Since we’re a small family & friends business we carefully hand select potential clients we want to offer affordable & adaptive services to. Our objective is to find great local causes looking to make their surrounding community a better place. This enables Nullen to help small companies and their communities to grow simultaneously.

    Things We'll Talk About

    • Your organization, story, and history.
    • Your staff & leadership.
    • What your status quo systems are.
    • What’s working for you and what isn’t.
    • 3rd party services you’re already paying for that you’re happy / unhappy with.
    • Costs of 3rd party services or quotes you’ve received that you weren’t sure about.
      • You can follow up with us after the meeting with these details or come prepared during.
    • Budget restraints based on timelines and current priorities. 
    • Local competitors.
    • Larger organizations in your industry you look up to and want research & share analysis on.
    • Deadlines related to project ideas you have and we discuss.
    • Expectations going forward.
    • Priorities around the agendas we discuss.
    • Any questions you may have.

    Digital Marketing Assessment Includes

    • Overview of where you stand.
    • Audit of your company’s spending on 3rd party services and whether you can save money by changing things up.
    • Analysis of direct competition and an overview of what they’re doing right and wrong.
    • Creative ideas that are realistic for you to pull off — based on our conversations and research inspired.
    • Comprehensive proposal of services we can offer to the problems discussed that are customized around your preferences, budgetary restraints, deadlines, and priorities.
    • Tiered cost structure for project work we can provide you.
    • Access to any resources we cultivate during our research.
    • No obligation, cost, or risk for your organization.

    What Comes After Receiving the Digital Marketing Assessment?


    After receiving our detailed marketing & brand assessment we’ll give you as much time as you need to review it and ask us follow up questions through email, text, or follow up meetings at zero cost to you. 

    We view our proposal of services as a starting point to a long term relationship.

    If we believe in your business, mission, and people we’ll do everything in our power to accommodate budget restraints, timeline adjustments, and remain as flexible & adaptive as possible to make sure your needs are met every step of the way. 

    If you’re looking for a loyal and committed partner for your small local company then you’ve come to the right place.