How to Receive a Free Digital Marketing & Brand Assessment

Our adaptive pricing model corresponds directly with the amount of time, resources, and pacing your company needs throughout each project or agreement.

Free Digital Marketing & Brand Assessment

How to Begin Partnering with Us

We offer all small local businesses, nonprofits, personal brands, and Montessori programs a free digital marketing assessment. This is a high value service we give away for free to establish trust and create a collaborative starting point. 

The value comes from free consulting advice we’ll cultivate for you that will give a clear direction that we recommend you take to help your small local company realize and reach its full potential.

To start this process, all you have to do is contact us and we’ll take care of the rest.

After you contact us we’ll setup a time to meet at your convenience. Ideally done in-person if possible, or it can conveniently be arranged through video conference (Zoom),where you won’t have to install any new software to participate.

The goal of our first meeting will be learn more about one another.

Since we’re a small family & friends ran operated business we carefully hand select the clients we want to offer affordable & adaptive services to.

Our objective is to find clients that are looking to make the community surrounding and holding up their business a better place. That way Nullen is able to increase the positive impact we’re having on local communities throughout the United States and in other countries that reach out to us.

We aim to deliver creative solutions that generate positive outcomes for the business and their customers, community, and employees.

Things we’ll ask you about: 

  • Your organization & story
  • Your staff & leadership
  • Work & Learning Culture
  • What your status quo systems are
  • What’s working & what isn’t
  • 3rd party services you’re already paying for that you’re happy / unhappy with
  • Costs of 3rd party services or quotes you’ve received that you didn’t like
  • How you prefer doing business & communications
  • Budget Restraints
  • Local and online competitors
  • Bigger business in your industry you’d like to pull ideas from
  • Deadlines related to project ideas you have
  • Expectations
  • Priorities

From there, we’ll provide you with a complete digital marketing and brand assessment that includes:

  • Overview of where you stand.
  • Audit of your company’s spending on 3rd party services and whether you can save money by changing things up.
  • Analysis of competition.
  • Creative ideas our conversations and research inspired.
  • Comprehensive proposal of services we can offer to the problems discussed that are customized around your preferences, budgetary restraints, deadlines, and priorities.
  • Tiered cost structure for project work we can provide you.

This digital assessment (PDF) will be shared with you in hopes that you’ll want to continue working with us going forward, but you’re welcome to utilize the information any way you see fit.

We believe small companies have a better chance of long term survival if they partner in each other’s success — and that’s what we sincerely aim to do. We’re using the assessment to help ourselves find new partners that prefer doing business sincerely, honestly, and transparently so we aren’t going to think twice about it if you don’t see the value in what we’re trying to offer.

What Comes After Receiving the Digital Marketing Assessment


After receiving our detailed marketing & brand assessment we’ll give you as much time as you need to review it and ask us follow up questions through email, text, or follow up meetings at zero cost to you. 

We’re willing to collaborate with you and help you learn what you don’t know for as long as it takes.

We view our proposal of services as a starting point. If we believe in your business, mission, and people we’ll do everything in our power to accommodate budget restraints, timeline adjustments, and remain as flexible & adaptive as possible to make sure your needs are met every step of the way.

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