Learn About Our Logos, Icons, Typography, & Colors

Current Uses

Primary Logo & Icons

We’re sharing these in hopes it’ll inspire creativity and to also showcase our brand. If you feel inspired to customize our logo, learn from it, improve it, or want develop content with it — please reach out to us.

Main w/White font

Reverse Blue Icon

Main w/Gray Font

Business Card Front

Whiteout on Blue Gradient

Main Icon


Open Sans

While developing our logo we went through thousands of fonts to figure out what our eyeballs loved seeing. Our logo is actually built from a modified version of Open Sans and as a result we predominately use it for everything.

Download from Google Fonts

Nullen Colors

Text & Backgrounds

Light Blue

This is the primary color choice for all things except for body text. White is prioritized when using dark colors as the backdrop.


Dark Blue

This color is typically only found in the gradient and on some printed documentation.


Radial Gradient of the Two

Dark Gray

Primary body text color on white or bright backdrops. Also, the primary background color throughout the website.


Blue Dark Gray

Secondary background color that’s alternated with the dark gray. Only found on the website.


Lighter Dark Gray

Secondary background color throughout the website.