Introducing Nullen & 

Digital Marketing to HCV

Created by Kyle Null
Published / 05.18.2018

Why Does This Video Exist?

HCV’s Marketing team asked us to put together a video to introduce the new marketing agenda that was going to be presented to the executive team throughout the month of June, 2018.

Rather than writing out a complex email that no one would read, we thought an entertaining video would be more inspiring.

Digital Integration Team (DIT)

The easiest way to integrate work culture changes is to create a team filled with interdisciplinary leadership. Once you have a unified front it makes it easy to begin creating and implementing new winning strategies. 

One Month Sprint

We decided to coordinate a one month visit to the United States with HCV so that we could give them our undivided attention for this critical agenda.

Keeping things fun.

We think that anytime you have the opportunity to bring your hobbies, sense of humor, and passions into a project that you should.

Ready to Integrate Digital Strategies into Your Agendas?

We help small businesses, nonprofits, and educational insitutions scale into the future.

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