Types of Agreements

We provide our clients with adaptive services and we do everything we can to customize our agreements to fit budget constraints and provide flexible understanding on a month to month basis.

Common Agreement Types


  • Monthly Retainer Agreement

In this setup we’ll agree to a scope of work on a month to month basis and a price that is fair for both of us. We will always send an invoice at the end of the month after we’ve made sure you’re 100% satisfied with the value we’ve generated for you. There is no long term contract or subscription in this setup, however we try to establish and agree on expectations. The key here is to establish trust with one another through transparent communications with the goal of creating a reliable long term relationship that we both are winning from.


  • Project Cost Agreement

Within our Free Digital Marketing & Brand Assessment we’ll provide you with a tiered list of project costs involving a timeline, expectation and scope. For many businesses we break that project cost up into the expected timeline. We try to remain adaptive to your needs, so you’re welcome to pay us how you prefer.

If we agree on the scope of a $3,000 website to be completed in 7 months you’re welcome to pay us $429 per month, $1500 up front and $1500 after completion, or the full $3,000 upfront with a negotiated % discount based on the scope of the project and timeline.

NOTE: This pricing example is just an example and is not a default cost for our website designs (one way or the other).

Alternatively, we have specific projects that require half the cost up front as there may be a larger upfront creative commitment. For example, projects that require concepts before they’re able to be finalized like: custom documents, business cards, logos, etc. 


  • Annual Contract

We can also provide you with an annual agreement that we both sign that sets boundaries on the scope of work we’re allowed to bill you for and the annual budget cap we’re allowed to utilize throughout the year. This type of agreement works well if you’d like multiple departments to have access to the services we offer and the ability to reach out to us for advice on a routine basis. 

Let’s say you wanted to hire us as a contractor for $30,000 to provide your entire organization IT / Digital Marketing leadership instead of hiring a full time employee. We can then create a scope of responsibilities and a list of employees that are allowed to initiate requests within those responsibilities. We’d bill you monthly and provide you with a list of the value we created. 

A few examples:

  • Custom document and graphic design services for both the Marketing and Fund Development departments of your nonprofit. 
  • IT support training for all of your teachers at your Montessori School.
  • Web Development services for all departments so that each department has an impact on what information is displayed on the website and how it’s displayed throughout the year. 
  • Social media management and content creation services for all departments throughout the year. 
  • IT & Digital Marketing Leadership & Consulting task force services because you’d like us to join weekly / bi-weekly / monthly meetings and provide expertise & creativity on key agendas you’d like help moving forward. 
  • IT, Digital Marketing, or Communications Project Management services that involve organizing all departments around one priority agenda.